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Nick Wall

Personal Site

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About My Personal Site

This is my personal website that I have iterated on over the last few years. I have really come to like the emerging web development ecosystem due to the emphasis on quality tooling and performance. In addition, this fantastic stack helps me stay up to date with web dev since I mostly do only ML stuff these days.

The source code is available on GitHub

It is definitely overkill to use a web framework for such a simple website, but web dev actually is pretty fun compared to what I remember from when I was first learning frontend development.

Tech Stack

  • Vercel: Vercel is a great platform for hosting web applications. I love several of their products outside of the hosting (Next, AI SDK, Turbo) and am always inspired with their design. The Astro integration is really nice as well.
  • Astro: Astro is my web framework of choice, Astro is really great. It is incredibly flexible, thoughtfully designed and has a really nice DX. Also content collections are incredible. This site used to run on Next.js and I still used Next for other projects, but for a site that is almost entirely static, the Islands Architecture and simplicity of Astro is so nice.
  • TailwindCSS: Styling with tailwindcss because CSS shouldn’t have to be miserable. TailwindCSS v4 looks great, I can’t wait!
  • Markdown/MDX: Astro content collections natively support MDX to manage content. Really great for making content management simple without compromising functionality.
  • Pagefind: Embedded search for content on the site, simple to use and does’t require a backend or any obnoxious hosted services.
  • Satori: Dynamic OpenGraph image generation.
  • Astro Icon: Icon library support for Astro.
  • Expressive Code: MDX extension for enhanced styling and features.
  • Biome: Modern Javascript tooling (linting and formatting) because somehow in 2024 Javascript toolchains haven’t converged on the bare minimum tools for a programming language.